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Security Cameras & Video Surveillance Systems – San Diego CCTV Pros

CCTV (Close Circuit Television) industry has revolutionized the use of security cameras to not only monitor property and valuables but to simultaneously oversee multiple operations in various locations around the world.

From a single camera above the cash register to hundreds of cameras sweeping every blind spot of your property, San Diego CCTV Pros uses cutting edge technology to protect your business or home around the clock.

At San Diego CCTV Pros, we offer a wide range of products for our security cameras that we use. The type of camera that we use really depends on what our customers’ specific needs are. We can build any type of system, for any type of location, and customize it so that our customers’ are fully satisfied and protected.

We provide service, security and surveillance systems for large to small facilities for government, business, and private properties.

We are the certified installer of GeoVision, Prime and Eyemax products here in Central San Diego and completely trust in their products.


HD-SDI Technology VS. Analog Camera

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