Cops Monitoring

San Diego CCTV Pros is determined to have your home security system monitored 24/7. That is why we specifically use Cops Monitoring to help provide such assistance. After we install the system that fits your home or business needs you will be a monitored by a team that is highly trained in keeping you safe.

Your home or business will be monitored quickly and with fast reliability. Whether it is a phone call to verify an alarm going off or emergency services showing up at your doorstep, just know that you are always safe.

Cops Monitoring centers that are CSAA 5 Diamond certified meaning that your family’s safety will never be taken lightly. This service entails battery backup when power fails and always making sure that the alarm system is working properly. Also, Alarm monitoring has advanced with technology and now you can monitor your home remotely from a smartphone, so that you know exactly when and where your home was entered.

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