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Remote control

Remote Control/Support Client (Show My PC): Download

Remote Control/Support Client (Team Viewer For windows): Download

Remote Control/Support Client (Team Viewer For MAC): Download

GeoVision Tools and Clients Downloads:

  1. 1. IP Device Utility: Search the IP address of GV IP devices under LAN, back up and restore settings and etc.: Download
  2. 2. RemoteViewlog: A remote playback program with full functions of ViewLog player: Download
  3. 3. MultiView: A 32-channel remote viewer for GV IP devcies and DVR/NVR systems: Download
  4. 4. Video Codec for GV-System: Download
  5. 5. Full software manual: Download (18MB)
  6. 6. Mobile & client Step by Step Setup (pdf): Download

Magic Hybrid DVR:

  1. 1. DVR full Manual: Download (48MB)
  2. 2. Iphone/Androide setup for remote access guide: Download
  3. 3. Windows CMS Remote client: Download Embedded, Download 32bitDownload 64bit, Manual
  4. 4. MAC OSX CMS Remote Client (please reed installation guide before installing): Download (VER.A), Downlaod (VER.B) Download (VER E),, Installation guide, Manual
  5. 5. PC & MAC CMS Manual: Download
  6. 6. Mobile & IE step by step Setup (pdf): Download

Prime DVR

  1. 1. Smart Phone (Iphone/Android) quick guide: Download
  2. 2. Mviewer (Smart Phone App) Quick Guide: Download
  3. 3. Prime full manual/user guide: Download (14MB)
  4. 4. MAC OSX CMS: Downlaod, Manual
  5. 5. PC Windows CMS: Download
  6. 6. Recording Estimator: Download
  7. 7. DVR Android/iPhone & IE step by step (pdf): Download

H.264 DVR Server

  1. 1. User Manual Download: 4-8 Channels,  16 Channels
  2. 2. Smart phone Remote access Guide Download: IphoneAndroid
  3. 3. PC Client installation Guide: Download
  4. 4. PC Remote Client: Download
  5. 5. Backup Files Player: Download
  6. 6. Backup files AVI convertor: Download
  7. 7. Video Tutorial: PC remote view setup, Backup and play events

 Synapse Phone Systems

  1. 1. SB67030 SB67031 Deskset and Accessories User Guide: Download
  2. 2. SB67020 Deskset User Guide: Download
  3. 3. SB67080 User Guide : Download


  1. 1. PowerMax Pros user manual: Download

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