Mobile Surveillance And Security Cameras

Customize your mobile surveillance to fit your needs.

San Diego

Do you have a major outside event that you need security and surveillance at?

Well, look no further because we have the perfect solution. It is called Portable Video Surveillance and can be used to monitor an entire event from 28 feet in the sky. This is possible with the tower that extends to that height without ever using a ladder. The great feature about this security system is that it is mobile and can be used anywhere outside that you need surveillance. A feature that we offer is having the capabilities to customize the mobile surveillance to fit your needs exactly. Whether you want to rent or buy it does not matter, we can do both!


  • Remote access for live and playback monitoring from any desktop or smartphone
  • Remote Public Announcement System
  • Mobile Trailer
  • Surveillance Tower 28’ high
  • Customizable power solutions
  • Digital Video Recording (local and remote)
  • Cameras: IP, Dome, Infrared, Low light, Digital, Mega Pixel, HD
  • Locked in place capabilities
  • Quick setup, installation, and packing up
  • Time lapse